The insertion of very fine, sterile and single-use needles placed in specific acupuncture points to assist in rebalancing the body and encouraging the flow of Qi (energy.) This Qi, or life force, flows through the body along a system of pathways referred to as Meridians. Blood vessels, nerve pathways, and muscular-skeletal tissues are examples of similar pathways in Western Medicine.


Acupuncture needles are inserted and small clips are placed on the needles. The small 9-volt battery operated machine is then turned on and micro-current stimulates the acupuncture point. E-stim reduces inflammation and releases endorphins. This is similar to the TENS unit that physical therapists use.


Glass or plastic cups create suction on the skin to increase circulation and reduce lactic acid. This process brings fresh blood to the surface of the skin allowing for a reduction in pain and an increase in immunity.


Moxa otherwise known as mugwort is used to warm acupuncture points and meridians in order to decrease pain and strengthen the body.

Herbal prescriptions

In Chinese Medicine herbs are designed to address the root of an imbalance. Once a diagnosis is determined an herbal formula will be prescribed. The herbs are available in liquid, capsule or tablet form.

Nutritional counseling

In Chinese Medicine food as seem as something that can help or harm a condition. Once the underlying imbalance is addressed the proper foods can be suggested to help promote healing and optimal health.